How to Join

Join today!  It’s fast and easy.

By joining our co-op, you become an owner of our thriving community marketplace.

Ownership of Good Earth Market is a great value at only $10 annually. In return, the Co-op pledges to operate for the long-term health of our community. Unlike most businesses that make decisions primarily to maximize profits, cooperatives make decisions to maximize service to their member-owners and the community.

Download and read our rules and regulations, then download the membership agreement. Bring the completed form to the store and sign up at any cash register. Membership forms are available in-store as well.

Member Benefits

Everyone is welcome, but membership has its benefits.

With membership dues of just $10 annually, there’s no better value than Good Earth Market. And just take a look at all of the benefits:

  • Receive a 5% discount once a month on the order of your choice. The discount applies to the entire order, excluding items on sale.
  • Become a working member and receive an additional discount on purchases.
  • Place special orders for case sizes of your favorite items and save money.
  • Participate in your co-op by voting in elections, holding office, and joining committees.

Working Members

Good Earth Market relies upon the support and engagement of working member-owners. Becoming a working member is be fun and rewarding, and it plays a significant role in the vitality and growth potential of our store and community.

How do I become a working member?
Working member positions are based on co-op needs and availability, and considering applicant preferences, experience, abilities and temperament.  See the current positions available below, complete an application and return it to the co-op. Applicants will be contacted by our Working Member Coordinator to determine the best position.  (Applications are also available at the co-op.)


Product promotions

  • Greet and hand out samples of products to customers, maintain a cheerful presence, share Co-op information, answer customer questions.
  • Hours flexible

What is expected of me?

All working members must be a current co-op member and are expected to provide excellent customer service, work safely and carefully, take direction from any and all co-op staff and be a positive member of the team.

What are the benefits of becoming a working member?

Contribution to the Co-op
Co-ops are built on a foundation of member-owner engagement.  By working at our co-op, you contribute to the co-op community, a cooperative organization depending upon people helping people, helping it to grow and thrive.

Discounts are based upon the number of hours worked and are effective from the fifth of the month following the one worked through the fifth of the next month.

  • 3 hours =  5% discount
  • 6 hours = 10% discount
  • 9 hours = 15% discount

Special Order Pricing
Working members receive additional discounts on ordering in case sizes.

For more information, see our Working Member Policies and Procedures, or contact:

Mike Howard, General Manager – (406) 259-2622