“Altered Vista” | Sarah Morris


Sarah Morris spent years looking out at the endless miles of visibility in this “Last Best Place”, “The layered clouds in the sky, miles of rolling hills, dramatic mountain ranges, and countless points of view to experience keep our eyes dripping with pleasure. I used to obsess with what it looked like before man inhabited the west. What emotion Lewis and Clark must have felt when they first saw the wide open beauty of what I now call home.”

Recognizing that all of this pavement won’t be going anywhere, Sarah learned to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of civilization. Many of her scenes are familiar to Montana residents. In fact, many Montanans see these views of Montana more than they see the parts that are still left without roads, fences, and cattle guards.  Sarah says, “As you view my art, I hope you experience the feeling of your last road trip, hike, camping trip, or even the feeling of being a Montanan, because it is a beautiful feeling to posses.”

“Fenced”, 2012, acrylic
“Road to Nowhere”, 2012, acrylic
“Traveling to Let Go”, 2012, acrylic
“High Noon Highway, 2012, acrylic

“Altered Vista” by Sarah Morris was exhibited December 4, 2012 – January 25, 2013.