“What Remains” | Michael J. Carl

At the heart of Michael Carl’s work is the celebration of our natural world and the intricate, powerful forces that shape it.  He received his first significant camera, a Single Lens Reflex, as a wedding present from his wife. With it, Carl started exploring his personal world of photographic beauty with a visit toChicago’s Lincoln Park Conservatory Flower exhibition.  He has been chasing blooms ever since.

Throughout 30 years of photography, Carl focused on colorful summer blooms.  Now he is drawn to the large leaves of what remains of sunflowers at the end of a season, a metaphor for the human condition.

“A glorious summer in the garden is always followed by fall and winter. After the snow clears – “What Remains”?  Michael J. Carl

“What Remains” in the Apple Gallery was exhibited August 6 – October 1 2011.