“Vegetables Aren’t Just Good for You” | Michael Carl

The exhibition, ”Vegetables Aren’ts Just Good for You”, illustrates the wonderful world of vegetables. “I love botanicals,” says artist Michael Carl, “In my mind that usually means flowers with colorful, sensuous shapes, but recently I have discovered beauty in many surprising places.”

Carl has often thought of vegetables as like his mother said – “good for you”. That was until last year, while on a shopping trip to the Good Earth Market, he was blown away by the shape of a pepper. “To anyone familiar with the history of photography that is probably not surprising considering one of the most famous photographs by Edward Weston is ‘Pepper #30’,” Carl says, “Although I am familiar with Weston’s work with all sorts of vegetables and fruit, I never though of them as a subject for me until now.”

Using vegetables purchased here at the Market, he reveals their magical shapes and colors. He has also visited a local farm that produces vegetables for the Good Earth Market to catch the raw earthiness of newly harvested produce.

“As always, I’m interested in the shapes and colors,” Carl says. “There is something poetic, sensuous and timeless about a curved line. And color is life to me and I like to take it in in large, saturated gulps. In the end, my work is a celebration of the natural world and the intricate, yet powerful forces that shape it. Celebrate vegetables with me!”

Michael Carl’s images are a celebration of our natural world and the intricate, yet powerful forces that shape it. Botanicals have been his favored photographic subject for over 30 years.

A self-taught photographer, Carl has sold stock images, traveled the art fair circuit, and wrote articles on the subject of flower photography. Recently, he concentrated on his own garden and has been working on a series of fine art photographic projects, exhibited and sold locally as small 8×10 folios or framed 8×10 or 13×19 prints.

In 2000, Carl supervised the establishment of Sandstone Gallery in downtown Billings and was its director from 2000-2003. He currently leads a quiet life in Billings, where he continues to work with the support of his family and friends.

Carl’s images have won numerous local awards and appeared in over 30 solo and group exhibitions. Selected work has been included in shows at fotofoto gallery in Huntington, NY, 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, and the Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings, MT. Recent publications including his images are LensWork extended #82, Silvershotz – the International Journal of Photography Magazine Folios 2009 issue, Studio Artist Magazine Volume 16 and B&W 2012 Portfolio Contest Winners Special Issue.