“From Sea to Shinning Sea” | Gary Castle


Gary E. Castle has been doing Photography since he lived in Colorado in the early 80’s. His instrument at that time was a cheap Kodak Instamatic camera.  Based on encouragement from several friends, he decided to take his interest to a new level.  He purchased his first serious camera, a Nikon FE 35mm with a couple of zoom lenses, just before making his first trip to Kauai, Hawaii.  What a great place to start a new compelling obsession.  This 30-year obsession has taken him to every U.S.A. state (except Florida and Alaska) and three European Countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).  Alaska is on the short list of his “Bucket List”!

Besides doing a lot of work for personal enjoyment for many years, multimedia production kept him out of a lot of trouble.  He still found some time to get into some trouble.  The early definition of multimedia met setting up three side-by-side screens with six Carousal projectors, manipulating them manually while synchronizing to soundtracks of fine music and narration.  For the last 20 years, computerized software has made the job much more interesting and professional.

For six years starting in 1986, the artist was recruited by Park Ranger Bill Gwaltney to be the official photographer at Bent’s Old Fort National Monument East of  LaJunta, Colorado.  These “Living History” events were held several times a year.  Ranger Gwaltney outfitted Castle with the authentic 1860’s clothing, from shoes to glasses, so that he could participate in the authentic Living History events.  The only unauthentic item he was allowed was his “modern” camera!

Castle has often said, “It was the most fun shooting I can imagine!  It was like being on a movie set where nobody ever yells “cut”!  I just tried to blend in with the adobe and woodwork and quietly shoot away while the 1860’s solders, miners, gamblers, plains Indians, domestics, panhandlers, politicians, “ladies of the night”, fur traders (whomever might have been a part of the early development of the Santa Fe Trail) did their thing at the fort.”

The artist’s photos have been published in a number of publications around the U.S., including Worldwide News, Colorado Cattlemen, Colorado Kenworth’s monthly news letters, and Trailer Life Magazine (a six-page spread on the Colorado countryside).

Gary Castle has also been published in several Billings advertising and ad agencies, including Advertising Design, Delgado Brand Image, and Sage Advertising.  Post cards and photos have been exhibited in the Billings area at Barnes and Nobile, Border’s booksellers, The Depot, and twice at Bridge Creek in Red Lodge. Gary also owns a woodworking shop where he builds artistic rustic wood furniture, some of which is displayed at his shows.

Gary Castle can be contacted at (406) 272-0168.  Classes on photographic composition are given upon request!