“A Selection of Photographs” | Ellen Erikson


Ellen Erikson has been taking photos since elementary school. Interested in photography at a young age, Ellen borrowed her grandpa’s old film camera and began taking adult education photography classes by her freshman year of high school & built a darkroom in the basement of her parent’s home for her 16th birthday.

Ellen studied photography at Seattle University and received her BFA in 2009. With a focus in fine art photography, Ellen says, “I shoot the vast majority of my photographs on film, developing the negatives and prints myself. The darkroom is my sanctuary. I love working in the darkroom and with my hands and all of the chemicals, spending hours perfecting the print. Recently, my attention has been towards alternative processing – ‘old school’ techniques that requires even more of a hands-on approach, allows for more creativity in the printing process, an d has more of a painter feel than traditional darkroom photography.”

After graduating from college, Ellen spent over two years living and working abroad. “During that time, I did not have a darkroom available, but I did have my camera in hand,” the artist says. “I returned to Montana this past winter & have been busily developing all of my film, getting my darkroom set back up and reacquainting myself with the art scene in Billings!”

“A Selection of Photographs” by Ellen Erikson will be exhibited at Good Earth Market from August 1 – September 27, 2013.