“White Lotus Visions” | Elizabeth Shumaker


Born in 1985, Elizabeth Anne Shumaker is an emerging visionary artist from Montana. She has been painting since the age of 14.

Elizabeth first discovered painting in her high-school art class, where her teacher encouraged her to paint whatever she wanted. Interested in spirituality and energy at a very young age, her imagery immediately manifested itself as very spiritual and symbolic in nature.

At the age of 18, Elizabeth moved to Portland, Oregon where she attended Pacific Northwest College of Art.  After attending PNCA for one year, Elizabeth became disillusioned with the academic aspect of a traditional art school and returned to her hometown of Billings, Montana. There, she had the experience of living on a Crow-Indian reservation and was immersed in the arts of farming, gardening, ranch work, and native ceremonies. At this time, she also had a child.

Having also a strong interest in the healing arts from a young age, she enrolled in the Montana Institute of Massage while living on the reservation. Bodywork became another passion of Elizabeth’s, expanding from massage into Reiki, Craniosacral, and other healing arts. She has contributed to the field of massage therapy, co-authoring with Author Meagan Holub in “More of the Magic Touch, Volume 2″. She now owns and maintains a busy healing arts business, Creative Healing, in which she also teaches Reiki classes and is a birth doula.

Elizabeth gets much of her inspirations through her own spiritual path, which consists mainly of the Buddha’s teachings. She currently is a practitioner of Mahayana Tibetan Buddhism and Primordial Dzogchen with the Rocky Mountain Order of the Primordial Dzogchen. This is very much a part of Elizabeth’s current spiritual practice and art. Practicing deep meditations daily and receiving the teachings of the Buddhas has deeply infiltrated into her art, as well as all other aspects of her life. She took refuge in Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha in 2007, and since then and, it continues to be a guiding force in her art, practice, and life as a whole.

Artist’s Statement:

“My art is very much a part of my spiritual growth. The process of creating art is, for me about discovery. I allow that to take place as I paint.

“The product is actually the surface of a much deeper process that occurs, just as the waves of the ocean are only the surface of its depth. Each painting is a reflection of a teaching, a realization, a transmission, a dream or a story that I have received.

“My highest goal and fulfillment would come from the viewer reflecting upon a painting and thereby, discovering something within their own consciousness. A discovery that is maybe not explainable with words, something that only an image can capture; something that they resonate with on a deeper level, a level of knowingness and higher awareness.”

“White Lotus Visions” by Elizabeth Shumaker was exhibited January 31 – April 26, 2013.

“Fire Keeper”, 2012, 24×30, acrylic on canvas
“Emanation”, 2012, 30×40, oil on canvas