“A Visual Feast” | Dennis Kern

Dennis Kern has captured the unique emotional drama of the Rimrock Opera cast.  The costuming, staging, and composition heightens the facial expressions pulling us into the stories of romance and tragedy.  Kern sensed the exact second to push the camera button and that moment’s sentiment is caught in his digital web.

Versatile in many areas, Dennis Kern has exhibited internationally and is known as an artist, printmaker, photographer, webmaster, and instructor at MSU-B.   He owns Rattlesnake Valley Press and printed “Montana Portraits” wood engravings of Montana writers by James Todd and “Montana Artists Centennial Portfolio,” hand printed work by twelve Montana artists.  He is an independent curator of art, fine art appraiser, and web development consultant.

Before returning to Billings, he was the director and curator of the Paxson Gallery at the School of Fine Arts,University of Montana and organized and produced many of Montana’s finest traveling exhibits.  A favorite was the Fra Dana Collection.

A drawing and graphic design instructor, Kern will be doing a workshop at the YellowstoneArt Museum in May, teaching how the digital camera can be used for studies of visual reflections.

“A Visual Feast” in the Apple Gallery was exhibited April 1 – May 28 2011.  A portion of the proceeds were donated to the Rimrock Opera Foundation.