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  • Earth Day Celebration | 04.13.2017

    Join our annual Earth Day festivities on Saturday, April 22!


    Farm Tours with Yellowstone Valley Citizens Council

    Want to build your connection to the Yellowstone Valley’s food culture and agricultural roots? Join us for a farm tour on Earth Day at one of two area ranches that provide well-raised meat to local consumers. Get a tour around their place and meet the babies of the herd. This will be a family-friendly event! Details and sign-ups here.

    Activities at Good Earth Market

    11am – 2pm

    Lunch: BBQ provided by BBar Ranch & Sloppy Joes

    Music: John & Ed Kemmick

    Activities: Bike Clinic by The Spoke Shop, Information Booths by Republic Recycling and more!


    4pm – 6pm

    Music, Beer & Snacks provided by Red Lodge Ales

    Music: The Peach Pickers


  • So what’s the big deal with our store reset? | 07.16.2015

    IMG_4903We just finished our store reset!  So what’s the big deal?  Read what our GM, Mike Howard, has to say:

    I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about some of the many exciting things happening at our Co-op. As many of you may have already noticed, we have moved things around a little… ok, well a lot. And many of your favorite products are in new locations throughout the store. Our reasons for doing that were

    One, to improve flow and item location to make our Co-op easier to shop, and
    Two, to generate over 150 linear feet of aisle space to expand variety throughout the store.

    150 linear feet of retail space might come as a surprise because now our Co-op feels so much more open. How could we have created that much aisle space? We utilized space better by rearranging the bulk department to add another aisle of product and thoughtfully rearranging product on the shelves to make better use of shelf space. We also decreased the width of the endcaps to generate a more open, welcoming feel. These changes allowed us to add roughly 400 new products throughout the store!

    The reset was a huge, tedious task and it took a lot of hard work and long hours from our staff, many member volunteers, our main distributor (UNFI), plus many other brokers and sales representatives. We all put our heads and experience together and decided, as a team – what are some staple products our Co-op is missing? We went through every section with a fine tooth comb, using national and regional sales data in addition to all our own individual experience and combined knowledge of the natural foods industry. The result is even better then we could have imagined. We have expanded varieties on everyday products in key categories, such as

    – Condiments
    – Nut butters
    – Ethnic foods
    – Packaged grains
    – Soups
    – Pasta
    – Coffee
    – Hot cereal
    – Dried fruit
    – Baking items
    – Packaged spices
    – Snack items
    – Beverage
    – Cold pressed juices
    – Probiotic drinks
    – and so many more!

    If by chance you have not been in for a while, we welcome you to come by and see the improvements we’ve made to our Co-op.

    In addition to the improved variety and flow, we have been working hard on value. The department managers are buying more aggressively so we can have more aggressive prices. Make sure you check out the wall of values as you enter the store and see what great deals are available! And throughout the store we have so many Co-op Deals, Member Prices and Manager Specials to add value and variety to your shopping experience.

    IMG_5263[1]The end result more shoppable store that will reduce the need to shop other stores. Our hope is that you will concentrate your shopping to the Co-op and help us make it stronger.

    If by chance we have not have not met, or you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to ask for me the next time you are in and I would be happy to chat.

    Your Co-op General Manager,
    Mike Howard

    Want to see more pictures?  Check out the album on our Facebook page or our last blog.  Better yet, come to the store and see for yourself!

  • Big store reset has begun! | 06.18.2015

    Bulk resetAs you may have noticed, we have begun resetting the store – a total store re-merchandising to make it easier to shop, expand our offerings, and make better use of our space!  Re-organizing has begun in the bulk and produce departments and will continue through the rest of the store on Monday, June 22.

    If you can’t find something, please don’t hesitate to ask our staff.  And if you see any changes you like, let us know. It’s our goal to make this transition as smooth for you – our members – as possible.   Once complete, you’ll find new delicious foods, or perhaps some old favorites we didn’t have room to carry, to make your shopping experience and dinners at home more exciting and adventurous.

  • Update from the Grocery Department | 06.11.2015

    Pam KemmickSomeone asked me the other day, “What’s so great about the Co-op?” I decided to take a little time to think about that. What IS so great about the Co-op? My first thought was the food, the beautiful, fresh food. Oftentimes grown, raised, produced and delivered by people I actually know and have developed relationships with over the years. I’d say that’s pretty great. I enjoy having the opportunity to “Special Order” items. It may be a unique item that we don’t carry or something I use a lot of and want to buy in quantity. And yes, that’s me making my way across the parking lot under that GIGANTIC box of toilet paper that I special ordered! I also love knowing that when I shop, I’m supporting a Co-op business model where the dollars I spend will recirculate in my own community. Talk about great! Then I thought about what may be the greatest thing about the Co-op. The feeling of the shopping experience. It’s a very pleasant place to be! It smells really good. There’s nice music playing, people are friendly and happy and helpful. I see so many people I know there, that’s it’s practically a social event. I like the way that feels. I feel something special, something nice, and I hope you do too.

    At the Good Earth Market, we hope you experience a feeling of community. We, as a community have come together intentionally to create and sustain this special place. A place where we can buy whole, healthy food to feed and nourish ourselves and our families. A place where we can shop in an environment that is friendly and pleasant, and yes…where everybody knows our name! That’s the experience we want you to have every time you shop. Every time you choose to shop at the Co-op, you’re making a difference. So come shop with 5,000 or so of your member neighbors and support YOUR community Co-op! It really does matter. We promise to do our best to make your shopping experience everything you want it to be…and then some!

    The Grocery Department includes the Chill and Frozen, Meat, Beer/Wine and Household/Pet departments. It takes a team of cooperative, dedicated and hard working people to keep things humming. I’d like to introduce them to you briefly. They’re a super swell bunch and eager to help you in any way they can.

    Dustin Ferguson is our Chill/Frozen Department Buyer and is also starting to take over the Meat Department. You’ll see him zooming around between the chill cooler, the frozen department, meat cooler or maybe at the Customer Service counter checking in some local eggs. He moves fast, but catch him and say hi! He’s a very friendly guy and anxious to help you find what you need.

    There are a couple of things we’re really focusing on in our departments. I hope you will notice and approve. One is out of stocks. As the buyers, Dustin and I have been working hard to reduce out of stocks as much as we possibly can. We want you to be able to find everything on your list and maybe even a little something extra that happened to catch your eye. The other thing is finding you, the Members, more savings. We are using every resource available to find deals that we can pass on to you. Look for the orange MEMBER SPECIAL tags throughout the store

    What makes the Co-op so great? If someone asked you, what would you say? Think about it, and then come on down and share the feeling and the food with us. We sure look forward to seeing you!

    Here are just a few of my new and old favorite products:

    Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 Baking Flour – Bob’s has made it easy for our gluten-free friends. Use this flour just as you would regular flour in all your recipes!

    Elk Medallions – Delicious!!

    Numi Tea – New Savory Teas! – Savory Teas make a great snack alternative, compliment a light lunch and are comforting when you’re feeling under the weather. They come in several tasty flavors: Carrot-Curry, Tomato Mint, Garden Sampler, and Beet Cabbage. Find them near the soups!

    Our Go-To Snack at Home – Organic multi-colored popcorn made the old fashioned way on the stove top using Nutiva Coconut Oil! So yummy!

    Montebello Pasta – I had not tried this pasta until recently….love it!! This pasta is imported from Italy and made with the finest Italian organic durum wheat. Try it in your next pasta dish, I bet you will love it too!


    written by Pam Kemmick, GEM’s Grocery Manager


  • What’s the deal with raspberry ketone? | 04.05.2012

    From Dolly, GEM Wellness Guru

    I’m sure many of you have heard of it by now – raspberry ketone, as seen on the Dr. Oz Show, seems to be the new miracle fat-burner, the cure-all for those stubborn spots. Here’s some great info that I found helpful and I hope you will too!

    According to supplement company Wellgenix, raspberry ketone “is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries, and is a safe and healthy supplement with no side effects. This compound regulates adiponectin, a hormone that causes your body to boost metabolism. In turn, the fat within your cells gets broken up more effectively, helping your body burn fat faster and more efficiently. In order to get enough ketone to have an effect on the way your body burns excess fat, you would need to consume 90 pounds of raspberries! But, just 100mg of the supplement per day is enough to get your body burning fat the way you want it to.”

    Here’s more – the ingredients list on the new hormone-free HCG Amino Support + Raspberry Ketones boasts a nice range of metabolism boosting amino acids, along with herbal support for the immune system, stress reduction, and energy production.

    I wanted to share these simple facts and tidbits with you, and let you know that we now have this product in stock now in the Wellness Department!


    Photo Courtesy of zole4.