Drange Apiary, Inc.


Jodie and Andy Drange

Laurel, MT

Andy and Jodie Drange incorporated their business, Drange Apiary, Inc., in 2005. Andy first took an interest in raising bees when he was a child growing up in Big Timber. His father bought him a beehive of his own and he took the responsibility with open arms. These childhood experiences led the way for Andy to find a hobby and profession he really loved.  His wife, Jodie, also took an interest in the bee business when she met him and together they started Drange Apiary, Inc.

In the 1980s Andy started to raise bees as a hobby.  He was also able to get a job near Columbusworking for a beekeeper.  During this time he gained the experience and resources needed to start his own set of beehives.  Few people can say that they started a hobby and turned into a career, but that’s what Andy did and his love for the business shows in his work.

In February of 2010, Andy and Jodie were able to buy their current business location and work full-time raising bees and selling bee products.  When asked why he loved working with bees, Andy replied, “Well, it’s been great being able to work outside and it’s very interesting. Bees are fascinating little creatures.”   They plan to utilize their new facility for making more honey and, now that they started full-time, they are able to increase production.

Andy and Jodie sell three different flavors of honey: clover-alfalfa, orange blossom, and buckwheat.  The different flavors of each honey make them unique gifts or delicious items to add to the kitchen.  Clover-alfalfa is pollinated during the summer near Laurel on alfalfa and other locally grown plants.  Orange blossom is pollinated January through April inCalifornia, primarily from almonds, giving the honey a unique flavor.  Buckwheat is pollinated in Washington during the spring months from cherry, apple, and pear trees.

These three flavors are made from all natural ingredients with no alterations.  Unlike most honey that can be found in supermarkets, this honey is not heated or mixed for color.  When the honey is heated, it breaks down enzymes that can be beneficial to the human body.  Local honey can also help with seasonal allergies.

One can be assured that they are getting top quality honey when they buy it from Drange Apiary, Inc.  To make sure of this, Andy and Jodie only sell their premium honey locally.  It’s all edible, but they plan to sell only the best of their honey to their direct customers, giving them the chance to notice the difference from their honey and the mass-produced honey one might find at the supermarket.  The rest of the honey is sold to packers where it becomes processed and sold to other companies.

Drange Apiary sells several products, such as liquid honey, creamed honey, honey butter, honey stick, honeycomb, pollen, candles, and gift baskets that will be appreciated at any time of year.