Local Producer Spotlight

Microgreens by Parker
By Parker Graves

Microgreens by ParkerI first heard about micro greens from an article in the Billings Gazette. The article talked about the nutritional value of micro greens being five times more than that of a mature plant of the same type. It also talked about the mix of different flavors and colors that go well as garnishes or additions to food. This got me excited about the little greens! So, I decided to try growing them myself at Gainan’s, where I work.

I started with some spicy and mild micro green seed packs way back in the fall. With little daylight and not much heat in the greenhouses, it took about three weeks to grow them. With 8 oz. each of spicy and mild mixes, I gave them out to my co-workers to try. Everyone said they loved them! This made me very happy. So, I tried setting up a grow light with six 10×20 flats growing beets, radishes, Swiss chard, and basil microgreens. The light helped a ton and brought growing time down by a week.

The greens were so tasty and nutritious that me and my Grandpa Mick decided to move the greens back into the greenhouse and set up a heated bench and a seed chamber. Once we got this started, I really got into micro greens! Researching them I found that the FDA did some studies and raved about the nutrients in them. I started growing my greens and packaging them. With help from my grandma making labels and signs and my gramps getting containers to use, I was set to start getting them into stores. Everything started looking great. I took my greens to a couple restaurants and Good Earth Market was the first to enjoy them outside of Gainan’s.

I’m continually looking for new types of greens to grow and enjoy growing them so much that I can see working with micro greens the rest of my life.