Special Orders

Our Special Order Program offers Members the opportunity to save by ordering most items in the store in large quantities. It’s just one more benefit of being a Co-op Member!

How much do I save?
15% off the retail price per case! Also, if your favorite product is on sale, you get that savings, too!  It’s a great time to stock up and save money.

Which products can I order?
Most items in the store, whether it’s produce, meat, bulk, grocery or bodycare.  Many products come in cases or larger bags, such as Wheat Montana wheat and flours, bulk spices, canned tomatoes, apples, coffee, rice milk, and more.  Some items, particularly in bodycare and supplements, are not available in case sizes.  While you can still order these items in quantity, there is no discount.  We can also look into special ordering products we don’t carry!  Just ask a staff member to look into availability of your favorite products.

How do I order?
Special orders can be easily placed with any cashier or management staff over the phone or in the store.

How soon does it come in?
Deliveries from our primary distributor, United Natural Foods (UNFI), arrive twice weekly.  When placing an order with UNFI, please allow 4-6 days for order and delivery.  Delivery schedules vary on special orders placed with distributors other than UNFI, so check with the staff member who takes your order for estimated arrival date.