Meat & Seafood

At Good Earth Market, we believe in bringing our members and customers only the very best. And nowhere is that more evident than in our meat and seafood department.

We specialize in fresh free range, antibiotic and hormone-free, grass or vegetable fed meat and poultry that are raised locally and in a sustainable manner. Why? Because we believe that not only are they better for you, but that they also have a better flavor and are better for the Earth. Our freezer is also fully stocked with local organic pork, grass fed buffalo, lamb and locally produced sausages and bacon.

Good Earth also has a special order program for fresh fish and stocks some frozen seafood. And we’re proud that all of our fish is selected from the Monterey Bay Aquarium watch list to ensure that the fish we stock is abundant, well-managed and caught or farmed in environmentally friendly ways.

Special Order Fish

If you’re craving fresh fish or specialty seafood we don’t regularly stock, ask about our special order fish program!  Place your order at the registers or by phone by 10:00am Wednesday for delivery on Thursday.

Due to the changes of fishing seasons and other environmental factors, availability of seafood fluctuates.


Thanksgiving Turkeys

Local, Natural Turkeys from Mountainview Colony (Lavina):

$1.89/lb. pre-ordered by November 20th
$2.29/lb. after November 20th

Turkeys are fresh & natural (hormone and antibiotic-free, free range, and fed a vegetable diet).

Size ranges: 
Under 15 lbs., 15-18, 19-22, 23 and over.  We will do our best to match size, but cannot guarantee.

Choose your pick-up day: 
Friday through Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday before Thanksgiving


Heritage Turkeys from Lazy SR Ranch (Wilsall, MT)

$3.19/lb. pre-ordered before November 10
$3.59/lb. ordered after November 10
Size range 12 – 20 pounds

Why order a heritage turkey??  Heritage turkeys are older breeds, genetically diverse to promote biodiversity, breeds not modified to suit the standards of industrial farms.  They are raised outdoors, freely roam on pasture, and eat the varied diet nature intended them to eat, unlike conventional turkeys today that are raised indoors in confinement and are fed grains, fillers and supplements like antibiotics.  Heritage turkeys are all dark meat, have small breast, and they taste juicy and full-flavored, the way turkey should be.

Other Local Meats are also available for pre-order:

Whole Turkey Breast – $4.69/lb. (fresh from Seder Ridge, Ballantine)

½ Turkey Breast – $4.69/lb.  (fresh from Seder Ridge, Ballantine)

Turkey Hind Quarters – $3.39/lb.  (fresh from Seder Ridge, Ballantine)

Ducks – $4.99/lb. (frozen from Martinsdale Poultry)

Geese – $4.99/lb.  (frozen from Martinsdale Poultry)

Hams, organic boneless – $8.99/lb. (Amaltheia Dairy, Belgrade)

Hams, bone-in – $6.99/lb. (Lazy SR Ranch, Wilsall)

Hams, boneless – $6.99/lb. (Lazy SR Ranch, Wilsall)

Leg of Lamb – $11.99/lb. (Lehfeldt Lamb, Lavina)



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