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  • Board Elections 2017 | 08.14.2017



    Each year, the Good Earth Market holds an election for the Board of Directors. Three positions will be up for election. If you are interested in running for a seat on the board, the Nominating Committee would like to hear from you by August 31, 2017.


    What to Do

    Interested candidates should provide a Statement of Interest in the format below to the Nominating Committee. This statement is an opportunity to communicate to the members your interest and qualifications for serving on the Board.


    We will post your statement on the website, social media, email messages, and in the market beginning in September. The election takes place in the month prior the Annual Meeting, with results announced at the Annual Meeting.


    Send in your Statement of Interest no later than August 31.


    You can submit a printed statement to the Nominating Committee at the Member Service Center in the Co-op. You can also email your statement to the Chair of the Nominating Committee, Kevin Dowling, by e-mail,


    Statement of Interest

    In addition to your name, address, phone number and e-mail address, please follow this format and answer the questions below in 1-2 paragraphs each:


    1. Introduce yourself.
    2. From a Board perspective, what do you think are important issues facing the Co-op?
    3. What strengths would you bring to the Board?
    4. What aspects of the Co-op Board of Directors do you find of interest?


    The Co-op board is responsible for managing the affairs of the Co-op on behalf of its members.


    Qualifications include

    • Meeting the general standards for directors as outlined in Montana law (act in good faith, with care an ordinarily prudent person would exercise in similar circumstances and in a manner believed to be in the best interest of the Co-op
    • Being a member in good standing
    • Being familiar with the bylaws, rules and regulations of the Co-op
    • Being supportive of the Co-op’s mission and values
    • Not directly employed by the Co-op
    • Not associated with interests adverse to the Co-op


    The most important qualification for a potential Board Member to consider is commitment – not only to the market and its mission but also to the roles and responsibilities that come with serving on the Board and representing the membership.


    Here are some specifics

    • Ability to serve a 3-year term on the Board
    • Ability to attend and actively participate in monthly Board meetings
    • Ability to make tough decisions and deal with the consequences
    • Ability to read a financial statement
    • Ability to allocate resources among competing projects
    • Communication and group process skills
    • Ability to make decisions in a group, often by consensus
    • Experience serving on other boards
    • Ability to positively represent the Co-op in the greater community

  • Earth Day Celebration | 04.13.2017

    Join our annual Earth Day festivities on Saturday, April 22!


    Farm Tours with Yellowstone Valley Citizens Council

    Want to build your connection to the Yellowstone Valley’s food culture and agricultural roots? Join us for a farm tour on Earth Day at one of two area ranches that provide well-raised meat to local consumers. Get a tour around their place and meet the babies of the herd. This will be a family-friendly event! Details and sign-ups here.

    Activities at Good Earth Market

    11am – 2pm

    Lunch: BBQ provided by BBar Ranch & Sloppy Joes

    Music: John & Ed Kemmick

    Activities: Bike Clinic by The Spoke Shop, Information Booths by Republic Recycling and more!


    4pm – 6pm

    Music, Beer & Snacks provided by Red Lodge Ales

    Music: The Peach Pickers