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  • Introducing La Riojana Wine | 05.04.2016

    LaRiojanaStorePhotoAre you looking for a great wine at a great price?

    Try our new, award winning wines from La Riojana, recently added to our extensive selection of quality, value wines!

    This organically grown, Fair Trade wine comes in Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Malbec wines at an incredible value of only $6.99 each!

    Wine You Can Feel Good About

    La Riojana is a co-op is located in the renowned wine region of northwest Argentina. Made up of over 500 members, 80% of members are small-scale producers, and most small-scale producers have less than three hectares each.

    Members of the co-op benefit by being guaranteed purchases of grapes at fairer and higher prices, have access to loans, and are offered free technical assistance and agricultural advice. Profits are distributed and reinvested in new machinery and to improve production.

    La Riojana was also the first winery in Argentina to receive Fair Trade certification and is dedicated to improving the lives of its members and communities. $2 per case purchased by participating co-ops goes back to La Riojana’s community projects. To date, a secondary school with many supplies, water facility, and a hospital have been constructed. In addition, the fund helps farmers pay for the costs of organic certification. Currently, La Riojana grapes are grown with organic practices, but are working toward certification.

    This project is made possible by a direct trade from co-op to co-op. Grocery co-ops buy exclusively and directly from La Riojana co-op.