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  • From the Wellness Department: The Power of Small Habits | 04.24.2016

    With the flurry of the “New Year” behind us, I want to challenge you to start each day fresh, with a New-Day/New-Start attitude. Every day is a new opportunity, and the options are endless! I don’t mean anything huge like painting the house, rebuilding an engine, or starting a new business. Try something new, make a progressive change in your daily routine, or just tackle a task using a new method. Each of the small new things can be milestones! It all depends on your perspective or mindset.

    Not a breakfast eater? Having protein at the beginning of your day (seriously, shoot for 20 grams) has been proven to increase brain power. Forget the sugar and carb breakfast – who really wants that 10:00am brain fog?

    Does your job require you to sit for hours at a time? Get up and move or stretch for a few minutes every hour, get that blood moving! And yes, it’s chilly outside, but go out anyway for a quick lunchtime walk– the fresh air and sunshine will do you a world of good.

    Exhausted at the end of the day? Before turning in, take 10 minutes to stretch – your neck, shoulders, back, and hips will thank you with a better night’s sleep.

    I recently read a quote that said, “If you don’t take care of your body, then where are you going to live?” If that doesn’t get you thinking, read it again. Then start making changes as needed, a little at a time. Trade the cookie for apple slices, add greens to your smoothie, walk for 5 more minutes. Take a break from Netflix to walk your dog, or throw a frisbee with your kids. Eat a lighter meal in the evening. Swap out that creamy salad dressing for a lighter vinaigrette, almonds instead of croutons, red wine instead of white. Try out that new yoga class, and invite a friend along. Go to bed earlier.

    Keep it simple. Do what inspires you. Make one change at a time (multitasking is overrated, not to mention overwhelming!). If you love what you do, that one little thing, you will keep doing it. If you feel good because of that one little shift in your routine, you will be inspired to make other little changes…and it will perpetuate! You just might become addicted to shaking things up. Pretty soon you will be doing what inspires you, things you love, all in line with your mindset.

    The biggest trend now is to pay attention to you, what suits you, what feels not just good, but RIGHT for you. The options are endless (did I already say that?). Not to steal a slogan, but Nike was right on track when they coined the phrase JUST DO IT! Seriously, just do it.

    Dolly’s Product Picks:

    Garden of Life Wild Rose D-Tox – If you’re looking for support for your health goals or to begin a new health habit, this cleanse offers a healthy, balanced and complete detoxification.

    Chico Bags – These nifty little bags are easy and compact to store and carry and have so many uses! Check out the Bottle Slings, Original Bags, Sidekicks, Vita Bags.

    Klean Kanteen! Insulated, non-insulated, many sizes & options….these reusable, stainless steel bottles are awesome!

    Pic - Dolly

     written by Dolly Fansler, GEM’s Wellness & Front End Manager

  • Juried Member Art Show |

    New Moon Choices

    “New Moon Choices”, Diane Teske-Harris, 16×20 acrylic

    The Apple Gallery at Good Earth Market presents a Juried Member Art Show during the downtown Billings Art Walk on Friday, May 6 from 5-9pm. Any member in good standing of The Good Earth Market has been invited to submit work to this juried show.  Richard Clawson, longtime Art Walk member and former director of Grafix Studio, will choose a first, second and third place artwork from the 40+ pieces submitted.

    The show includes a wide ranging view of our member’s talents, with works in oil and acrylic to
    fabric, mosaic, glass and clay. GEM’s Juried Member Art Show will be on view through July 30th.
    Mosaic by Linda Lemire

    “Untitled”, Linda Lemire, mosaic

    Lana Clymore Mixed Media

    “Untitled”, Lana Clymore, Mixed media including silk, beads, clay & feathers


  • Lunchtime Food for Thought: Freshen Up on Anti-Inflammatory Cooking | 04.19.2016

    FREE Tired of hearing about how you should be eating an anti-inflammatory diet, but are not quite sure what that means or where to begin? Join Dr. Phillips-Dorsett of Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic for an hour packed full of useful information and recipe tips. This talk is focused on cooking ingredients and how to use them to your advantage to simmer underlying inflammation. Bring questions and a pen. Handouts are provided.

    Reserve a spot by signing up at the customer service center or giving us a call!