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  • News from the Wellness Department | 08.28.2015

    Wellness is in a new location in the center of the the Good Earth Market for all of your core wellness needs.

    Yep! You can now find your personal health care needs altogether in the center of the Co-op! Especially in a natural foods Co-op, it’s essential for supplements (to treat internal conditions) and body care items (for everything on the outside) to co-habitate, as their uses go hand-in-hand. It’s so simple now to find neti pot salt, vitamin C, and manuka honey throat drops to soothe your allergy or cold symptoms! Or choose your favorite body wash and lotion, multivitamin and fish oil all in one sweep.

    The idea of creating a more intimate shopping area for those personal items has become a reality. The new space is unexpectedly enhanced by a cheery skylight. While most of the Co-op is filled with delicious aromas wafting from our kitchen, the new Wellness area has taken on its own blend of florals and essential oils: “It smells so good in here!” (as heard from several shoppers).

    Being in the center of the Co-op brings to mind that it could be compared to the human heart, the crucial source of vibrance in the body. I know that’s a stretch, to claim the energy of the Co-op begins with my departments! However I DO really like the idea of it being an inviting place where anyone can relax in a calm moment, gain focus and energy, and be centered. Have you experienced the new Wellness Center yet?

    Dolly’s Picks:
    * Acure is a new favorite of mine! From face care to body care you can’t lose here! Using a minimal variety of really clean ingredients, they have formulas to meet everyone’s needs, all packaged beautifully. Skin moisturizers are not greasy and smell fantastic (unless you choose unscented!), and I love all of the shampoos and conditioners. Come in and check them out!

    * HealthForce is an awesome company providing us with mostly powdered supplements, All of their herbal and whole food blends are raw, vegan, gluten free, and mix easily into your favorite juice, smoothie, or even water. Check these out and add your choice to your daily diet, for everything from a natural energy boost to deep cleansing action.