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  • We Have Organic Maca! | 03.26.2014

    Good Earth Market Co-op is now carrying three types of Raw, Organic Maca from The Maca Team in our bulk section.

    Cooler evolution (8 of 13)

    Not familiar? Maca is a root from the radish family and an esteemed, vitamin-rich root, boasting benefits in many categories including: energy, mood balance, sexual health, skin, men’s health, women’s health, and general health. Sourced from The Maca Team, it is grown in a remote, pristine part of the Peruvian Andes.

    Cream Maca is the most abundant color of Maca and has been used for over 2000 years to boost energy, improve fertility, enhance libido and more. $19.99 per pound

     Black Maca is the most effective Maca type for muscle building and endurance, male fertility and libido, and for mental focus.  $24.99 per pound

     Red Maca is the most effective type for hormone balance, female fertility, and bone and prostate health. It is also the highest in phytonutrients and the best tasting. $24.99 per pound

    Usage: Enjoy it with water, milk, juice, or smoothies. Try taking Maca first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach for quickest results. Daily suggested dosage is 1-3 teaspoons. While there are no known side effects, it should not be taken in large amounts just like any other supplement. It’s okay to begin with a half teaspoon and work your way up to 1-3 teaspoons. Rotating a few days on and off is generally recommended.

    Find Maca in our bulk section which is parked next to our produce section. See you soon!

  • Vegan Chocolate Mousse | 03.23.2014

    Avocado Mousse (1 of 3)  I found this recipe the other day and posted it to our Facebook page. As I was sharing I thought to myself, “How could this taste good?!” which prompted me to go ahead and make Vegan Chocolate Mousse! (recipe is found below)

    The list of ingredients includes: avocado, cocoa powder, agave nectar, vanilla extract, and almond milk. I  grabbed some Organic Avocados from GEM’s produce section and decided to substitute the Agave Nectar with Local Honey- Becky’s Berries Montana Creamed Honey with Huckleberries to be exact.

    FYI: We carry this delicious honey and I love mixing it in with my morning bowl of oatmeal!

    This recipe is incredibly easy and takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish!



    Avocado Mousse (2 of 3)I compiled the required five ingredients, threw them into my early 1940’s Hamilton Beach mixer and let it puree the food into a thick, rich chocolate.

    I cautiously dipped my finger in for a taste to see what the heck I just created. This quickly led to spooning half the mixture into a cup and devouring the mousse! It was SO good! It was so good that I ate way too much, ultimately leading to quiet time on the couch until my stomach uh.. settled down.. (Sort of like eating a lot of cookie dough while making the cookies and then you have to lay down while the cookies are in the oven. Or am I the only one who does this?..)



    I got fancy and put my portion in one of my grandmother's cut glass tea cups.

    I got fancy and put my portion in one of my grandmother’s cut glass tea cups.

    If you are serving this as a stand-alone dessert, the recipe is good for two servings. If you are using it as a topping, you should be able to top off about 6-8 servings. Either way, it’s quite yummy.

    Vegan Chocolate Mousse:

    1 ripe avodcado

    1/4 cup cocoa powder

    1/4 cup raw agave nectar (I used creamed honey)

    1/4 cup almond milk (I used SoDelicious unsweetned Coconut Milk – it’s my fave and we have it at GEM in a half gallon in the refrigerated section)

    1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    Puree until smooth. Serve chilled.

    Jodie, Marketing Manager








  • Wine Spotlight: Drink Well. Do Good. | 03.17.2014

    b8bc97a0a2fc11e3bd540e4cd1fa8f5b_8Wine is one of those transcendent things in life, like food, that naturally brings people together. To share an appreciation for the beauty and complexity found in a wine glass can make for instant common ground.  For the three friends creating Rickshaw wines, a mutual zeal for the grapevine offered just that.  When their paths ultimately converged in San Francisco, the lifelong dream of creating a wine of their own became a reality.

    Rickshaw is the synthesis of two powerful ideals: that one should be able to have a great bottle of wine at a reasonable price and that those of us fortunate to enjoy said wine each night should help out our fellow man. The fellas donate 5% of profits to a food based charity in the state the wine is sold.




    2012 Rickshaw Pinot Noir – $12.99

    Fruit sourced from some of California’s most iconic vineyards; this small production Pinot Noir boasts a mélange of raspberry, pomegranate and cranberry all tied together with classic Pinot Noir flavors of tobacco and sweet leather.

    2012 Rickshaw Chardonnay – $12.99

    Cool climate Chardonnay gently oaked for a toasty complexity. Notes of crème brulee and ripe tropical fruits.


    Written by Lena Olson, Winegardners’s Wines. Learn more at

  • What is Good Earth Market? |


    Good Earth Market is your local co-op! 30% of what we carry is made in Montana, and because we are a locally owned store, 1/5 of our profit is channeled directly back into our local economy instead of going to big companies in other states and countries. We carry good food, quality products, and serve great meals with our community in mind.

    What is a co-op?

    • Owned by members in equal shares
    • Returns any extra revenue to members in proportion to how much they contribute over the year
    • Autonomous and independent, locally owned and run
    • Promotes education, cooperation, and concern for the community
    • Not just stores! If you’ve ever financed a car through a credit union, or if you get electricity from Yellowstone Valley Electric, you belong to a co-op.

    You don’t have to belong to the co-op to shop here, though! We extend discounts to everybody. Come in and see what we’re about!

    Conveniently located down town, with ample customer parking, on the corner of 31st and 2nd at 3024 2nd Ave. N.
    Open Monday-Saturday 8-8, Sunday 10-6.

  • From the Local Producer Committee | 03.10.2014

    Soups 2

    GEM’s soups tell the story of why the Good Earth Market’s Local Producer Committee exists.   I just enjoyed a delicious cup of Greek Minestrone soup made of Seder Ridge turkey and Negaard Farm onions – a tasty, locally-sourced lunch on Valentines Day.  That’s something that sets GEM apart from any other grocery store in Billings, and most every restaurant, too.

    The GEM Local Producer Committee was launched in 2009 to expand the number of local producers who sell their food and products in the Market, and increase the amount of locally produced food and goods sold at GEM.   The Committee was instrumental in creating the Local Producer Map, available at the Market and in outlets around Billings.  The special features of GEM’s local producers displayed throughout the market is an outcome our work.   GEM’s Spring and Fall Local Producer Fairs are promoted and assisted by this committee.  Last year’s Early Season Farmers Market was our first foray into providing direct marketing options for local producers.

    The Local Producer Committee is gearing up for a repeat of the Early Season Farmers Market.     We’re recruiting producers to set up booths in the GEM lot and sell their food and wares from 9 am – noon every Saturday in June.   The Early Season Farmers Market was begun as a way to boost public understanding of the benefits of locally produced food and goods, and introduce shoppers to the farmers who grow their food.  It is timed before the Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market begins in July.  Get fresh greens, bedding plants and “early season” vegetables and other locally-produced items while enjoying a Saturday morning GEM coffee (or, my personal favorite, George of the Jungle smoothie).

    You can help us make the Early Season Farmers Market bigger and better.  Come down to shop and support the local producers, and bring along a friend.  Contact one of the Local Producer Committee members below if you’d like to help with advertising, set up and support.

    Serving on the Local Producer Committee are Heather Bilden, our capable committee past chairperson, new Board member Maggie Zaback, Maregurite Jodry  of Wholesome Foods, Kenny Reimche of Kenny’s Double D Salsa, Andi Buckley, former GEM, Alexis Bonogofsky, who with her partner Mike Scott farm off of Tired Man Road on the Yellowstone River, and GEM President Carol Beam.  Since the Local Producer Committee was first launched in 2009, we’ve been ably assisted by Marketing Manager Alicia Weber who is leaving.  Thank you, Alicia, for your commitment and excellent efforts!

    Early Season Farmer’s Market
    9am – 12pm
    Saturdays in June
    Good Earth Market parking lot

    By Theresa Keaveny, Board Secretary & Local Producer Committee Chairperson

  • Notes from the GM | 03.04.2014

    Joshua JacksonTo start, I would just like to say how honored I am to work with such a strong cooperative community! The staff, members and board have been very inviting, and I have only felt positive energy from everyone that I have come into contact with. With all of the support, I can truly envision the future successes of Our Co-op, and having strong supporters (like you all) will be imperative for us to accomplish our goal of being the cornerstone for community, education and healthy living.

    As some of you may have already noticed, we have already started to change a few things around the co-op. To start, we are working harder than ever to ensure that we have the most knowledgeable staff that provides the best customer service in Billings. We are currently developing trainings on cooperatives, natural foods and customer service, and we intend to uphold the 6th Cooperative Principle, Cooperation Among Cooperatives, in order to provide more professional development opportunities for our managers. This entails sending our managers to more National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) trainings, as well as sending our managers to successful co-ops, like Community Food Co-op in Bozeman, to train in their respective departments.

    In addition, we are working to make sure that we have the right products, at the right price, in order for you all to be able to find (and afford) the products that you enjoy. As you may have noticed, we have been resetting a number of the sections in the store, including: fridge (dairy), juices, meat, freezer and a number of other sections in center-store grocery. We have also been trying to clean up the façade of the store by paying closer attention to ‘details’.

    Lastly, we are planning on moving forward on the new produce cooler, which we hope to have installed by mid-March. I am very confident that we will accomplish this project with the $17k that we have already raised, which will pay for the new cooler, installation, new merchandising gear (nice shelving, basketry, etc.) and install an additional 3-doors of freezer in order to expand our bread department.

    As you can see, we are really working hard to take Our Co-op to the next level, and I know that all of you wonderful supporters will be even prouder of Your Co-op moving forward!

    Joshua Jackson, General Manager


  • Shopping for Cleaning Products |

    Looking for cleaning products that are eco-friendly and up to the task? Many kinder-to the-environment products are widely available and equally effective. And that’s a good thing because, according to conservative estimates by the Clean Water Fund in Washington D.C., the average American uses about 40 pounds of toxic household cleaning products—like chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, phosphates, phthalates, petroleum products, and sulfuric acid—each year. These are chemicals that make their way into our waterways and may also linger in our home environment in our air, on our counters and in our clothes.

    It’s easy to make the switch to natural cleaning products – look for options in the co-op’s household supplies/cleaning aisle and consider making some simple green cleaning products from ingredients you probably have stocked in your pantry.

    At the co-op, some things you might want to pick up are a natural, all-purpose cleaner and a glass cleaner. There are also excellent eco-friendly shower cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, tub and tile cleaners, floor cleaners, carpet cleaners, and spot and stain removers. You can even find natural, botanically-based disinfecting cleaners and wipes (commercial disinfectants are typically highly toxic). Don’t forget dish liquid and dishwasher detergent, as well as a natural rinse aid (yep, those are available now, too). Opt for concentrates when possible, as well as post-consumer recycled plastic or cardboard containers.

    For real savings, you might want to concoct some of your own natural cleaning supplies, using common household ingredients.

    • White vinegar can be used as softener in your washer’s rinse cycle or combined with equal parts water for an all-purpose/glass cleaner.
    • Cornstarch can be sprinkled on carpet to freshen before vacuuming or made into a paste with water for cleaning silver.
    • Washing soda makes a great spray cleanser when combined with hot water (1 teaspoon soda per 2 cups of water) or a solution for soaking grimy items like barbecue grills (1 cup soda per sink-full).
    • Baking soda works wonders as a sink/tub scrubber or as a diaper pail freshener.
    • Plain liquid soap and a few essential oils combine for a scented cleaner with disinfecting properties.

    For ease on cleaning day, stock all your cleaning supplies in a large galvanized bucket, along with some colorful washable cloths (instead of paper towels) for cleaning.

    Recipe reprinted by permission from  Find articles about your food and where it comes from, recipes, and a whole lot more at