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  • New Marketing Manager Jodie Tenicin! | 02.27.2014

    Tony-OConnor-Hair-5-of-5-copy-701x1024Hello lovers of Good Earth Market Co-op! I am so pleased to announce that I have been hired to be your new Marketing Manager!

    The wonderful Alicia Weber, your former Marketing Manager, made the tough decision to leave her post to join her family’s business. This decision created an opportunity for me to take on what is quickly becoming my dream job!

    It is a marriage of my backgrounds in the wellness industry, social media management, photography, writing, blogging, and promoting healthy living.

    Let me tell you a few things about myself. I endured Fibromyalgia for the better part of my 20’s and into my 30’s. If you are not familiar, it’s an auto-immune disorder that inflicts consistent muscle and joint pain, low immune function, insomnia and depression among a myriad of other symptoms. After conventional medicine did not work for me, I turned to the world of nutrition and alternative therapies. Healthy eating, yoga, massage, acupuncture and supplements combined to open up my body’s systems and I have been Fibromyalgia-free for over eight years! Certainly this experience has given me tremendous insight to the world of wellness and healthy living.


    I was so inspired by the magic of alternative therapy I became a massage therapist seven years ago. The bulk of my clients have been individuals seeking relief from chronic pain, post surgery, and injuries. This type of massage became a way for me to pay forward the incredible gift of having my health restored. While I rarely do massage these days, I keep my license current and retain a few favorite clients.

    Judi_LensI have been a freelance photographer for nine years. My first shoot was an album cover and from that moment, people have continued to hire me. It’s been a fascinating journey filled with a lot of hairy learn-as-you-go scenarios and many incredible experiences. I love my camera as it’s been my passport to so many worlds that I otherwise may not have encountered! Snakes, local publications, a few celebrities, food, excellent people, comedians, wild animals and local businesses are part of a long list of subjects I have shot. Sharing the world through my lens and passing on photography knowledge and skills are passions of mine.

    I began writing and blogging as a way to promote my photography. Over time, I picked up paid jobs blogging and providing content for websites and PR gigs. I’ve blogged for (a local events blog) for over two years and will continue to do so. It’s been a fantastic way to get to know the Billings community and all of it’s offerings. I’ve enjoyed trying out restaurants, attending local theater, covering live events, and Dennis Quaid even grabbed my hand three times from the stage while I was covering an event for ZooMontana. This of course makes me very special…

    irrigating (1 of 2)

    I do health posts here and there for 365. This particular post included me taking a selfie while demonstrating how to irrigate your nose. This probably upgrades me to “extra-special”…

    I am a hodgepodge of skills and experiences. Coupling those facets with my active outdoor lifestyle and a passion for encouraging people to thrive, I feel I have what it takes to get people excited about Good Earth Market Co-op on a large scale!

    hammock girl (1 of 1)

    Look for more and more social media through our Facebook page, blog, and Instagram account as well as media outlets. If you don’t mind, help us spread GEM’s message of Community and Buying Locally by sharing our media!

    AND, I’d love to post some stories about you the customer and showcase you in our Instagram feed! If you are interested in publicly supporting Good Earth Market in that way, please email me at:

    Hope to see you in GEM soon!

    Jodie Tenicin



  • My Co-op is Extraordinary because… | 02.04.2014

    My Co-op is Extraordinary because edit for web

    In October, we unveiled our new board, located at the bottom of the stairs – “My Co-op is Extraordinary because…”.  This space for sharing and caring about what’s great about our co-op, friends, and the good food we eat is already filling up!  Next time you’re in the store, make it your first destination and share what YOU love about your co-op – here’s a selection from the board so far:

    “…I work with the BEST.  PEOPLE.  EVER.  And the Pumpkin Bars are amazing.  And the Kale Salad.  And the Eggplant Parmesan.  And And And…”

    “…Everyone knows you and greets you – I can buy REAL food!”

    “… Best customers ever.  J”

    “…Everyone always has a smile on their face and is super friendly!”

    “…of the people.  The staff, the members, Everyone.  J”

    “…The awesome peanut butter machine!  I want one of my own. Haha!”

    “…We care.”

    “….Every dollar that we spend locally (last year almost 2 million) creates $1.62 in LOCAL economic VITALITY!”

     In response… “Awesome!  Keep on shining.  You guys rock!”

    “…They care and show it!”

    “…Best sandwiches ever!”

    “…thanks for the turkey!”

    “…because it provides healthy and yummy choices of food.  As well as a great environment for me to study and get through college.  Thank you.”

    “…Buying great, local healthy food makes ya feel good on so many levels.”

    “…BEST!  Juice bar ever!  You have helped me stick to my healthy lifestyle change.  Thank you.”

    “…I love the sandwiches.”

    “…Best produce and deli ever!  Ever!”

    “…our team will work all day doing their regular work and an evening event and still put in a full day’s work the next day.”

    “…it’s my community!”

    “…It promotes local producers!”

    “…thank you for the food! J”

    “…You guys are the best!”

    “…I love the co-op.”

    “…We get to meet/know our producers…who are incredible!”

    “…Local, non-GMO food, supporting local farmers/business, supports the community.  And you’re friendly.  J”

    “…people are family.”

    “…Best organic produce in town!”

    In response, “Amen!”

    “…Best cashiers ever!  Love you guys!”

    “…because cooperatives offer an excellent business model that promotes a more sustainable, human, and community-based future in a world where such values are in short supply.  GEM is an amazing example of what a Co-op can be!”